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Agritur Majon da Mont, Vigo di Fassa

Farm stay in Val di Fassa

In the heart of Val di Fassa, surrounded by the magnificent Dolomite mountains, Agritur Majon da Mont in Vigo di Fassa is the perfect place to spend your holidays.

The family-run Agritur Majon da Mont is in an ideal location and surrounded by the Catinaccio mountain range. It’s also easily accessible from Bolzano and Passo Carezza.

A stay at Majon da Mont provides you with breathtaking views of the Marmolada mountain and the opportunity to fully enjoy your days in Vigo di Fassa.  In fact, the town is the ideal holiday spot for many tourists, due to the possibility of going on excursions to the Catinaccio mountain range in the summer, and enjoying whole days on the snow in the winter, thanks to the short distance to the Vigo-Pera Catinaccio ski area.

Val di Fassa and Agritur Majon da Mont are waiting to greet you with open arms! 


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Agritur Majon da Mont

Strada de Larjè
38039 Vigo di Fassa - (Trento)
Tel. +39 320 6867156
P.iva 02292840226